Welcome To My Site

Yes, I know this looks old. I set it up ten years ago, and am finally converting to a Joomla-based site with a blog. I'm interested in content, not presentation and UI flashiness. But I'm bowing to the inevitable. Stay tuned.

Over the course of my career I've observed methodology fads come and go, and it's been depressing, because the reasons for software project failure have remained essentially unchanged, regardless of the scale. To put it bluntly, if engineers in the traditional engineering fields (mechanical, civil, chemical, aeronautical, etc.) pursued their craft in the manner that far too many "software engineers[sic]" do, our infrastructure would be crumbling around us.

The gap between the complexity of many formal methodologies and tools, and the day to day practice observable in so many software shops, is not closing.

On this site I muse on some of the issues raised above, and describe my experience on various projects. These have ranged from small one or two person projects lasting barely a few months, to three year projects with teams of up to ten. I hope you find it amusing, and hopefully, informative.

I also provide technical descriptions of a Struts project I developed some years ago, and a Java to XML Binding project. Yes, these are old technology, but they illustrate the way I work.